A rhythm-puzzle-platformer originally made for TOJam 2021: Feels Like a Re-run, now fixed up and with more mechanics and levels!
(You can find the version submitted for the jam over here!)


Record Mode1
Playback Mode 2
Move LeftLeft ArrowA
Move RightRight ArrowD
JumpUp ArrowW
Dash LeftZJ
Dash RightCL

(I'm right handed and I recommend using your right hand on the three arrow keys and your left hand on Z, X and C. Change modes with whichever hand you prefer!)

Note: Make sure you calibrate the input lag (in the Settings Menu) for the best experience! If you aren't sure if you need to, try change it anyway and see if you notice any difference first!

About the Game
In the game, you run through levels twice. Once in "Record Mode" and once in "Playback Mode".
- Record Mode -
Any moves made in "Record Mode" are saved and played back for you in "Playback Mode". You're also safe from any harmful projectiles in this mode.
- Playback Mode -
In "Playback Mode", you have access to different moves! However you can ONLY use them on specific beats as dictated by the music! (There's also a beat tracker at the bottom of the screen to help you see what's coming). You're also vulnerable to hazards in this mode so plan your moves carefully!

A new wrinkle in the game is the addition of Stunts! A Stunt is a move you can only make in Playback Mode, it's also the only move that will get you any points! So if you find yourself with a couple of extra beats that you have nothing to do with, Stunt away!
(Quick tip, you can complete a level without worrying about stunts. Once the "level complete" message appears, retrying the level takes you back to the start of your last attempt, so you don't need to worry about recording again!)

If you're going for a highscore, note that your final score for a level is your Stunt score divided by the amount of time you recorded for. (So if you want a good score, spend as little time as possible recording, and fill as much of that recorded time as you can with Stunts!)
There may even be a sneaky way of scoring a max score of '999' on some levels

Origin Story
This game was originally made as part of TO Jam 2021. The theme of the jam was "Again with Feeling". This reminded me of dance studios where once you've run through the choreography once, you then had to do it again... with feeling!
Though more often than not, dancing with 'feeling' felt like a whole other challenge. With that in mind, I wanted to make a game about doing the same thing twice, but the second time being more "full/challenging" or ..."with feeling!"


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i am endlessly confused 

but good job

Oh no! But also thank you! 😄

Yeah it's not the most straightforward thing haha.

If you ever have a minute to elaborate on what confused you, I would love to hear it!