A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An in-development project, shared here to get community feedback!

The game is (currently) intended to be 2D platformer where you use unique mechanics to get from the start to the end of the level.

Having drawn much inspiration from Celeste, the mechanics should feel tight and in your control, while the physics system should allow for experimentation and freedom of movement.

This game is being made with friends and uses the Unity game engine.

Damon Barton - https://isanelegy.itch.io/

Josh Davis - IG: gameandjosh

Errol Gonsalves - twitch.tv/errol333

Andrew Hilts - ahilts.com

Harrison Hutcheon - @harrisandwich

Stephen Manion


zip-n-zoink-windows.zip 24 MB
Version 28692488 May 01, 2021
zip-n-zoink-mac.zip 24 MB
Version 28692488 May 01, 2021

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